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- All of Aspect's products can be Double Glazed, we use a 12mm air gap as standard which gives optimum performance, Argon gas is also available at request.

- Aspect use 'Cathedral' as standard obscure glass, there are many other types available at customer request.


- Float glass is the standard product that gets used in windows, the thickness of which is dictated by Australian Standard AS-1288-2006 - Glass and Glazing code.
- 'Grade A' safety glass concists of either Laminated or Toughened glass. Again the use of this product is governed by the Glass and Glazing Code.
- Toned and coloured glass types are readily avialable, whether you are decorating your Peroid home or trying to cut down on Solar Heat Gain Aspect Windows can help.
- Low-E glass has a metalic coating applied to one face, this coating is designed to reflect energy into or away from the dwelling.






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