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  Asian rainforests are disappearing at a rate equivalent to the area of 300 soccer fields every hour. Over 50% of Indonesia's protected lowland forests have been destroyed since 1985. Much of the timber imported into Australia for building (including windows and doors) comes from Asian rainforests, where attempts to stem illegal logging have failed. The only way their rainforests can be saved is to decrease consumer demand, which is why the Indonesian Government is trying to discourage people from buying Indonesian timber.    

Even if you didn’t know these facts already, they probably don't surprise you. We've become so used to hearing environmental horror stories that it's difficult to believe we can do anything about them. Most of us don't have time to chain ourselves to a tree in Borneo or stand in front of a bulldozer in Brazil.

Everyday life is confusing enough - how are we supposed to take that crucial step back to see the larger picture?


Aspect Windows uses Kiln-dried Victorian Ash, which is sourced from hardwood plantations across Victoria.

All of the timber used by Aspect wears the ecoSelect or Good Wood brand, this designates timber that is harvested in accordance with strict environmental protection guidelines set by Timber protection associations and the Australian government.

By supporting these associations we are doing our bit to prevent illegal logging and deforestation so that this beautiful resource is available for future generations.

So please consider Aspect Windows for genuine peice of mind...


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